I’m a 10th grade English teacher at an independent boarding and day school. I teach smart kids, and work with smart, supportive faculty and administration.

Why a blog?

I was inspired to see what I could do to go ‘paperless’ because of the 10th grade research project. Each of 69 sophomores write and turn in a 10 source annotated bibliography, an outline (usually around 4 pages) and a draft and final of a 6-8 page paper. Not even including the required research binder’s contents, this is an outrageous amount of paper.

There has to be a better way – and I started out to see if I can find it. Along the way, I’ve encountered some rewards and challenges of everyday teaching I wanted to share. So while everything isn’t about going paperless, it’s certainly about trying to at least become a better teacher.

Some artifacts that could be considered a teaching portfolio are also nested within my resume. Enjoy.