another 90mins

We are well underway in our school year, and it’s time for the implementation of the pilot 90min stretch periods we tried last year. We will have two weeks per grading period that have two days each of stretched period. This basically means we get to teach each of our sections for 90mins twice in each grading period. The rest of the 35-40days of the marking period remain the same as they always have.

I love the idea of 90mins, but I’m finding it really hard to switch back and forth.

1) The tricks you use with a class in a 50min period don’t always lend themselves to success in a 90min period. I’m completely willing to try, and to learn to use new ones… it’s just that the back and forth is tough.

2) No matter how you arrange it, I just don’t cover the same breadth of material in on 90min period as opposed to 2x45min. I love that we can go into further depth but, again, if most of my teaching days are 50mins… I set my kids’ reading schedules as such.

This 90minute thing lends itself much more strongly to my style, but there are other teachers that it is a significant challenge for, and I think it’s due in large part to the challenges I list above. If we went to all 90min, or even 2 stretch days every week it would be a different story, but my aging mind is having trouble with the flexibility required to adjust back and forth between 50 and 90mins.

So what will I be doing in the next two weeks with my longer periods? Today and tomorrow we’ll be going into depth about the symbolism in The Scarlet Letter, and next week we’ll be debating who’s worse: Dimmesdale or Chillingworth?

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